Champagne Preservation System

Champagne Box and Tower TechnoWine, Champagne Preservation System

Professional system for opened Champagne bottles preservation up to 21 days 

  • Champagne Preservation System

Our Champagne Preservation System makes conventional service by the bottle easy and profitable, even for sparkling wines, Crémants and Champagnes.

Over the past few years Wine by the Glass service has turned into a standard. Preserving opened Champagne bottles has become a major challenge for Professionals. How to offer sparkling wines, Crémants or Champagnes by the Glass tasting, and avoid waste? How to maintain or increase profit on Wine by the Glass tasting when it comes to this expensive type of wines?

Champagne Box / Tower technology by TechnoWine is the ideal Champage Preservation system. Designed and built primarily for Professionals of Cafes, Hotels and Restaurants, Wine Bars, Wineries or Wine Cellars, it answers the need to preserve opened Champagne bottles. Our equipements also help develop profit of Food and Beverage industry Professionals.

With our CO2 gas systems, you can considerably extend the preservation time of an opened Champagne bottle. Box or Tower Champagne Preservation System by TechnoWine is the best solution for Professionals. It preserves bubbles in all sparkling wines and Champagne and avoids early oxidation. An incredible advantage to offer a large choice of sparkling wines, Crémants and Champagne by the Glass, and better answer customers’ needs. 
Champagne Preservation System
Champagne Box / Tower by TechnoWine is a Champagne Preservation System entirely designed and manufactured in France. We use top quality components and parts to guarantee a first choice equipement to our customers.

Our Champagne Preservation System allows to:
 Increase and upgrade your Champagne by the Glass menu: serve even your Prestige Cuvées by the glass
 Develop your customers’ desire to taste Champagne by the Glass, thanks to our modern and chic systems
 Preserve bubbles and effervescence of opened Champagne bottles up to 21 days
 Improve your conversion rate with always top quality tasting
 Grow your Champagne by the Glass turnover: +40% on average
 Expand your capacity and boost your profit, with our small size equipements

Our Champagne Box and Tower are an essential asset for professionals, willing to expand their Wine by the Glass menu with Champagne or Crémants, while increasing their profitability. 


Technology: CO2 gas
Adding CO2 gas in an opened bottle preserves bubbles and effervescence of sparkling wines and Champagne. Our technology does not alter wines’ qualities and aromas.
Bubbles are captured by maintaining gas pression in the bottle: we don’t add bubbles. This allows to preserve opened Champagne bottles up to 21 days.
Pros : your sparkling wines and Champagne don’t lose their bubbles in 1 or 2 days anymore

Use: Champagne Preservation System

 Unique patented gas gun system with spiral pipe
 Offer unlimited Champagne by the Glass with only one machine
 Easy to use, compact, low maintenance, Stainless steel finish
 Champagne Box: module to be placed on countertop
 Champagne Tower: coupled with a Mini Wine Serving Cabinet, reduced cost for an optimal display
 No direct contact with wine: low maintenance

Technical Features

 Champagne Box Weight: 3,8 kilos – Width: 20,5 cm – Height: 36,5 cm – Depth: 25 cm
 Champagne Tower Weight: 6.2 kilos – Width: 15 cm – Height: 50 cm – Depth: 25,5 cm
 Ambient temperature: -20 to + 40 °C
 Humidity in operation: 20 to 95% RH non-condensing
 Power supply: 90 – 264 VAC 47 – 63 Hz 60 Watts
 Regulator included
 Requires a CO2 gas bottle (available in our accessories)

Option: under countertop mount

Warranty 1 year
CE Certification 


 Wall mount for 1 gas bottle

 Wall mount for 2 gas bottles

detendeur-co2-0125-1 Nitrogen gas regulator

co2 Gas bottle (CO2) 6kg

bouchon-champagne Sparkling wine and Champagne cap for standard or narrow neck (Dom Perignon, Krug, Ruinard…)

support-box Under countertop mount for Champagne Box

support-tower Wall mount for Champagne Tower

Possible warranty extension with annual maintenance by a technician

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