Mechanical Wine Dispenser

VOV TechnoWine, Mechanical Wine Dispenser for 6 bottles of 75cl.

Professional system for wine chilling, serving and preservation up to 21 days

  • Mechanical Wine Dispenser

Our Mechanical Wine Dispenser is an efficient and modern solution to avoid premature aging of your wines, by protecting them from oxydation.

From the first to the last glass, wine quality is not altered. We preserve your opened bottles of wine up to 21 days. Your wines keep their aroma, their flavor, and their tasting or oganoleptic qualities.

Our Mechanical Wine Dispenser is primarily designed for Professionals of Hotel, Café, Restaurant, Wine Bar, Pub, Brasserie, Cabaret, Cafeteria, Casino, Night Club, Corporate Restaurant and Fast Food. Our equipement is also designed to fit wineries and wine cellars’ needs.

Our Mechanical Wine by the Glass Dispenser is an entry level equipement, that allows to serve customers with a refined solution at an attractive cost ; while showcasing your bottles of wine. A great asset to increase your sales of Wine by the Glass.
Mechanical Wine Dispenser
TechnoWine Mechanical Dispenser is a entirely designed and manufactured in France. We use top quality components and parts to guarantee a first choice equipement to our customers.

TechnoWine Mechanical Wine by the Glass Dispenser will allow you to:
Increase and expand your Wine by the Glass menu
 Upgrade your menu: serve all your wines, even your Grands Crus
 Grow your customers’ desire to taste Wine by the Glass, with our equipement chic and modern layout
 Improve your conversion rate, with the constant promise of top quality tasting to your customers

Our Mechanical Wine by the Glass Dispenser is a real asset for Professsionals, willing to develop their revenue, wih a limited costs; while poviding top quality wine by the glass testing for for their customers. 


Technology : nitrogen
Adding nitrogen in an open bottle makes the oxygen inert. Still wines are then preserved and no longer oxidize.
Constant pressure on nitrogen enables Wine by the Glass serving, when we open the tap on the Mechanical Wine by the Glass Dispenser. As you serve wine glasses, pressure on nitrogen is maintained, allowing a preservation of opened bottles up to 21 days.

Use:Mechanical Wine Dispenser
 Serving module of 6 bottles of 75 cl
 Quick bottle replacement: exclusive patented cap system
Insulation with ecological and ultra-efficient panels
 Ideal serving temperature for tasting: from the freshest to the most chambered
 Electronic temperature regulation from 6 to 18 °C
 Mechanical dose by opening / closing the taops
 Door with anti-UV double pane, lock with key
 Possibility to built-in Wine Dispenser
 Customization of the sticker on the door (name of your restaurant…)

Technical Featutes

 Weight: 47.2 kilos
 Width: 60 cm – Height: 80,5 cm – Depth: 52 cm
 Door: right or left hinges
 Interior LED light (white color)
Mono temperature: from 6 to 18°C – ideal for white wine, rosé or red wine
 Cooling system: compressor – electronic regulation
 Condensate evacuation: heating cartridge
Alimentation : 230 VAC 50 Hz 260W
 Nitrogen bottle and regulator necessary (available in our accessories)

Option :
 Dual-temperature: adjustable from 6 to 12°C ideal for white wine and rosé, and adjustable from 12 to 18°C ideal for red wine

Warranty 1 year
CE Certification


 Wall mount for gas bottle

Wall mount for 2 bottles of gas

detendeur-azote-0129-1 Nitrogen gas regulator

bilolinde11 Nitrogen bottle (+ Co2) 2.13m3

 Glasses Support available Q1 2017

 Cleaning solution (powder)

Possible warranty extension with annual maintenance by a technician

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