Wine Dispenser

Wine by the Glass Dispenser with nitrogen designed and manufactured in France

Wine by the Glass Dispenser

TechnoWine Wine by the Glass Dispenser is an essential product to increase your sales of wine, fit your customers’ needs and improve your overall profit.

Our solution was born to address new customers’ behavior, thinking and European laws around win consumption. Ideally designed for Professionals, our Wine by the Glass Dispenser allows you to always offer high quality wine tasting. That way your customers can discover new wine and Champagne by the glass. .

A reliable and efficient preservation from the first to the last glass
Our secret: the nitrogen! Oxygen is made inert by adding nitrogen in opened bottles. This prevents your still wines from oxydation.
Our technology: nitrogen under pressure. This pressure enables wine by the glass serving: when we open the tap on the Mechanical Wine by the Glass Dispenser, or when the solenoid valve is opened on the Electronic Wine by the Glass version.
By maintaining constant pressure of nitrogen, we can preserve your opened bottles of wine or Champagne up to 21 days.

For an optimum serving quality
The Wine Dispenser by TechnoWine adjusts your wines to an ideal tasting temperature, from the freshest to the most chambered.
Temperature regulation is set electronically, and goes from 6 to 18 °C to accomodate all wines.
Our Wine by the Glass Dispenser can fit all your needs, and has 2 configurations available:
puce Mono-temperature, adjustable from 6 to 18°C – ideal for white wines, rosés or red wines
puce Dual-temperature, adjustable from 6 to 12°C – ideal for white wines and rosés, and from 12 to 18°C – ideal for red wines

And a refined presentation of your wine bottles
Our Wine by the Glass Dispenser has a chic and modern design to expand your customers’ desire to taste wine.
An additional advantage to increase your sales and your revenue.

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Electronic Wine by the Glass Dispenser (Electronic VOV)
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