Maturing Wine Cabinet XL

Cellar aging XL for professionals and individuals made in France.plate

  • Cave de Vieillissement XL
    Cave de vieillissement XL. Bonifiez vos vins. Un vin nécessite plusieurs années pour atteindre son apogée.

It is a solution for the development of wine cellar. It presents itself as a wardrobe to wine of great capacity and can accommodate up to 600 bottles. It is equipped with a wine cellar air conditioner.
It has an Assembly system that allows it to be mounted in less than half a day.
The dismantling will be the same way during a move.
It offers considerable storage compared to its small size, thanks to a specific study of the storage.
It is manufactured with materials top performers (outside inner aluminium structure and extruded polystyrene insulation).
It ensures the perfect conservation and ageing of your bottles, thanks to an air conditioning system that guarantees optimum temperature and humidity for wine.

Technical features:

Capacity: 600 bottles
Height: 205 cm
Width: 127 cm
Depth: 117 cm
Management of temperature electronic, adjustable from 11 to 16 °
Humidity of 60 to 80% RH
Power: 586 Watts
Sound level: 36 db / 1 m, 31 db/3 m.

Options: Glass door, lighting leds, sliding shelf boxes or bottles.

Maturing Wine Cabinet XL

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2 years warranty parts and 10 years anti deformationMaturing Wine Cabinet XL
CE certification

Extended warranty possible with annual visit by a technician
Possibility of professional lease financing

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