Wine Cooler and Maturing

Wine Cooler and Maturing Solutions to chill and mature all your wines

  • Wine Cooler and Maturing

Our Wine Cooler and Maturing Solutions are primarily designed for Professionals, willing to offer to their customers a consistent top quality wine tasting experience.

Reaching the ideal serving temperature can be a real challenge for Professionals, especially if they don’t want their customers to wait. TechnoWine has Express Wine Chiller solutions that can bring Wine and Champagne bottles to the suitable temperature within only a few minutes.

In addition to our Wine Cooler and Maturing equipements, we offer a wide range of Wine Aging Cabinets to provide optimal chilling and maturing conditions for all your types of wine.

The Chiller: the reference Express Wine Chiller for Professionals
Our fast Wine Chiller was primarily designed for Professionals of Cafes, Hotels and Restaurants, Wine Bars, Wineries and Wine Cellars.
Our Wine Chiller can cool any type of beverages. Each slot has its own independant timer setting.
With an efficient refrigerator system, only a few minutes are necessary to place your bottles at the ideal serving temperature, while preserving wines’ qualities and aromas.
Our Express Wine Chiller is the guarantee to always successful tastings: you serve wine at the ideal temperature, your customers don’t wait anymore and you can offer a wide range of wine and Champagne tasting.

Check out Wine Cooler and Maturing Solution by TechnoWine: the Express Wine Chiller

Wine Serving and Maturing Cabinets: our solutions for wine cooling and aging
Our wine maturing and aging cabinets are designed for both Professionels and Individuals. The capacity of our cabinets goes from 43 to 4,140 bottles.
Numeric technology associated with more than 30 years of experience provides wine cooler and maturing equipements with a great thermic regulation accuracy, for an optimal aging.
This gives you an optimal storage solution to mature, chill or chamber  your wines. All necessary conditions are met for a good wine maturing: temperature, hygrometry, darkness, ventilation and lack of vibration.

Take a look at our Wine Cooler and Maturing solutions:
Multi-temperature Wine Serving Cabinet Wine Cooler Serving Cabinet, capacity from 53 to 231 bottles
Maturing Wine Cabinet Maturing Wine Cabinet, capacity from 43 to 252 bottles
XL Maturing Wine Cabinet Maturing Wine Cabinet, capacity of 600 bottles
XXL Maturing Wine Cabinet Maturing Wine Cabinet, capacity from 2,040 to 4,140 bottles