Wine Chiller: Express Cooling of Bottles

Wine Chiller: Express Cooling of Bottles. The Wine Chiller is a Professional System to cool quickly your bottles of Wine and Champagne.

Our Wine Chiller is primarily designed for professionals of Cafés, Hotels, Restaurants but also Wine Bars, Pubs, Cabarets, Night Clubs, Breweries, Casinos, Corporate Restaurants, Fast Foods, Wine Cellars or Wineries.

Our Chiller: Express Cooling for bottles, will allow you to master all your wine and champagne tasting. 

Your Serving Cabinets are too small, you can not put all your bottles in there. Don’t invest in new serving cabinets, choose our Express Wine Chiller and save some room in your property. You can thus expand your Wine and Champagne by the Glass menu while increasing your tun over and overall revenue.

Express Wine Chiller performances
With an ambient temperature of 22°C, it needs:
2 min to chill a 75cl bottle of Red Wine at 16.5°C.
6 min to chill a 75cl bottle of Rosé, White wine, or Champagne at 6°C.

Check out our product sheet Wine Chiller.