5 Benefits of Having a Wine Dispenser at Your Business

When you think of kegs, what do you think of first?

Beer, right? With Lancer, you’ll start thinking of wine, too! Kegs were once only for beer, but now they are being filled with one of our other favorite beverages – wine. And we don’t care if beer gets jealous!

If you’re scratching your head wondering how this works, remember that Lancer is always on the cutting-edge of the beverage industry and prides itself on quality, that’s why our range of beer dispensing equipment is already made to the high quality standards necessary to pour wine on tap without compromising the flavor integrity. Here are some of the top reasons to dedicating at least one of your Lancer beer taps to wine: Read more

How to Serve Wine & Cocktails On Tap

cocktailsontap-lgImagine a world where every cocktail you served tasted the same no matter which bartender made it, and every glass of wine stayed as fresh as the first. You can stop imagining now because taps aren’t just for beer anymore! Serving wine and cocktails on tap is becoming a popular trend in many restaurants and bars. Having these drinks ready to serve straight from the tap not only cuts down on drink preparation time, but it also ensures consistency among drinks. In this article, you’ll learn whether or not these systems are beneficial in your particular establishment, and if they are, we’ll give some recommendations for your setup. Read more

Reasons Why The Wine Dispenser is Useful

Since the discovery of wine about 6,000 years ago, the drink has spread worldwide and it is loved by many.

Thes days, wine connoisseurs around the world know how to keep their favorite drink aging well so that its quality will get better over time.

The introduction of a dispensing and preservation system was just wonderful, especially for bars, hotels and restaurants who offer a variety of wines to their customers. Read more

Wine by the Glass: Do Women Get Less?

Uncorking the City’s Lettie Teague whips out her measuring cup to see if there is a gender pour gap in Manhattan’s wine bars

bn-jy245_nyunco_m_20150820164734Women get short shrift in different aspects of life, studies have shown. Of course, the gender pay gap and the glass ceiling are two of the most talked-about barriers.

But what about when women are dining out? Do they get shortchanged when it comes to wine? A friend of mine is certain that sommeliers or bartenders will always pour her less wine than they will a man. Read more

TechnoWine® innovates

technowine-innove-2Franck Rambaud graduated from the hotel school of Nice in 1984. He then moved to the U.S. to start his career with the hotel chain Sofitel, in Minneapolis and then in Miami as a Catering Manager. After a few years spent in the Antilles in Curacao, he joined one of the first foreign hotels in Russia, the Moscow Aerostar Hotel, as Director of the Catering during 2 years. At the end of this contract, he decided to open his own trading company and became one of the first importers of foreign Food products in Hotels, Embassies and Corporations. Right after that, he signed an exclusive contract of distribution with the French company Fondis, based in Alsace, manufacturer of wine cellars’ air conditionning systems for Russia, and since April 2013, an additional exclusive contract in Spain.
technowine-innovate-1Since his return to France in 2004, he created WineMania a Wine Trading Company which generates most of its revenue from exportations. Meanwhile he also sell on the French territory Wine Cellars with WineMaster, Wine by the Glass distribution systems through TechnoWine and Cheese/Charcuterie Serving Cabinet with WineCool. For a little more than a year, Franck Rambaud has become designer and manufacturer of a new product for restaurants, wine cellars, and wineries: TechnoWine, preservation systems for opened bottles of Wine and Champagne. This system has been patented, and designed to preserve wine quality and aroma.

Source: Les dernières innovations des fournisseurs Par Jean Gabriel Du Jaiflin – Septembre 2014 – Newsletter n°9

Why You Shouldn’t Order Wine By the Glass

v1It’s not uncommon these days that you’ll see by-the-glass wine prices starting at $14 and escalating up to $20 (especially in big city settings like NYC or SF), creating some serious sticker shock. Why are by-the glass prices so high and getting higher? Aside from the cost of the wine, restaurants have big rents to pay but also, by-the-glass wines are one of the ways restaurants make their biggest profits. If you just want one glass (especially when dining solo), that’s absolutely your prerogative, but if you’re dining with more than one other person it probably behooves you to get a bottle. Here’s why. Read more