Free Standing Express Wine Chiller 2 bottles on wheels

Discover the new version of the Express Chiller: The Free Standing Wine Chiller 2 Bottles on Wheels, a Professional System to cool down quickly bottles of Wine and Champagne.

 Cool, chamber, chill or ice all drinks

 Frost glasses or flutes
Compatible with all types of bottles: glass, plastic or can
 Efficient on still wine, sparkling wine, Champagne, soft drink, beer, water, juice and spirits
 Dry contact with the bottle: non condensation, label preserved
 Available in 3 versions: 2 bottles Table Top, 2 bottles on wheels and 3 bottles on wheels

Express Wine Chiller performances
With an ambient temperature of 22°C, it needs:
2 min to chill a 75cl bottle of Red Wine at 16.5°C.
6 min to chill a 75cl bottle of Rosé, White wine, or Champagne at 6°C.

Check out our product sheet Wine Chiller.