Who is the designer of the system of conservation of wine and Champagne TechnoWine?
Franck Rambaud is the designer of the TechnoWine

Or is made the TechoWine?
It is made in region Niçoise and all its components are made in France or Europe.

Is it patented?
Yes, of course, a patent was filed with the INPI.

What type of gas used for the conservation of the Champagne?
We use food Co2, but you can also use food argon.

What size of Co2 bottles use?
We have a standard size with our partner Linde Gas (37cm and height 80cm diameter).
Attention the Co2 must be food grade, we can provide you with this type of gas, or you can buy them locally from your drinks wholesaler.

Or can I buy and how much cost the regulator pressure gauge which is placed between the TechnoWine and the bottle of Co2?

It is provided and included in the selling price of your device and is manufactured in Germany according to our specifications. It will show you the pressure of gas injected into the bottle of champagne for his release in pressure and the level of gas that remains in the bottle.

Adding Co2 into the bottle of Champagne, will you it re – gasify the liquid?

No, we input the gas above the level of Champagne to put the bottle in pressure and in any case, the liquid will be re-carbonated.

Are you there a risk with the champagne Cork?

Like on a bottle of Champagne or sparkling, be careful when putting under pressure as well as at the opening of the bottle.
The propulsion of the CAP can create eye risks. This process must be done by trained personnel.

Can I use another brand of co2, such as soda Stream?

Yes, of course, the Soda Stream bottles due to their small size are very practical, but attention once more to the final cost, these items are intended for individuals. Our Co2 bottles are intended for professionals of the restoration and the cost is much lower.

How many bottles of Champagne can I package with a bottle of Soda Stream?

This type of bottle has a capacity of 60 litres of gas and you will allow about 200 fillings, or 40 to 50 bottles of Champagne.

What kind of gas do you use for the conservation of the Champagne?

We use food Co2. Pressure restoration is done in a few seconds, which allows to keep the champagne for 8 days.

What kind of gas do you use for the conservation of the wine?

Some of our competitors use various gases to keep wines, beware, this has a cost in very high general, the calculation of the purchase price of the gas bottle and the number of wines by the glass that you can serve to your customers, you will be surprised by the exorbitant cost.
On our side, we use no gas, because thanks to our patents and our pump system, in seconds, the absolute vacuum is made in the bottle of wine, and so more oxygen.
More risk of oxidation of the wine and can be kept the wine for 14 days.
The process of vacuum is made sure that wine is not badly treated and aromas of the wines are not pumped out of the bottle.

How to clean the conventional system to the bottle?

Great advantage of this product, it is that the liquid is never in contact with the machine, so very little cleanup to do, and more all our tips are food stainless steel.
We recommend at the end of each service off the unit, close the gas cylinder, and with a disposable wipe disinfectant (food contact approved) to clean the tips and the rest of the box for a good surface disinfection.

And for the cleaning of the caps?

Clean them regularly with warm water and detergent.

Where can I buy extra caps?
From us or from our distributors / resellers in France and around the world.

What is the availability of the TechnoWine products?
We are manufacturers, so most of the time, they are in stock in our warehouses in Nice.

How long to keep the wine?
Conservation up to 21 days according to our general terms of use.

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