5 Benefits of Having a Wine Dispenser at Your Business

When you think of kegs, what do you think of first?

Beer, right? With Lancer, you’ll start thinking of wine, too! Kegs were once only for beer, but now they are being filled with one of our other favorite beverages – wine. And we don’t care if beer gets jealous!

If you’re scratching your head wondering how this works, remember that Lancer is always on the cutting-edge of the beverage industry and prides itself on quality, that’s why our range of beer dispensing equipment is already made to the high quality standards necessary to pour wine on tap without compromising the flavor integrity. Here are some of the top reasons to dedicating at least one of your Lancer beer taps to wine:

  1. It’s not just one of those crazy European or West Coast ideas anymore. The draft wine rage is sweeping the U.S, and we’re ahead of it. All Lancer Beer System components are already made of 304 and 316 grade stainless steel, a requirement for wine dispensing.
  2. Refillable kegs mean less packaging and waste, and that also equals more profits for you. Mother Nature may thank you for being friendlier to the environment by not hailing on your car.
  3. Customers will be happier because wine on tap costs them less. And everyone knows a happy customer will order more, which translates into a happy owner.
  4. It’s faster and easier to serve thirsty customers so they don’t pass out and expire on the floor. More and more restaurants are dedicating at least one of their beer lines to draft wine. Wine selections on tap are no longer only house wines but feature more prestigious wines, too.
  5. Serving wine in kegs is more reliable than wine from a bottle, keg wine eliminates any chance of oxidation of the wine. Not to mention opening bottles can be hazardous, a flying cork can cause damage to someone’s face 🙂 ! (Your insurance company may even give you a discount for this smart safety move.)
    A kegger will never have the same meaning again! Cheers.

Source: www.lancercorp.com