TechnoWine® Professional System for Wine Preservation and Service

  • Wine by the glass
    Mechanical Wine Dispenser. Ideal temperature for serving and preservation up to 21 days.


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TechnoWine is a French Designer and Manufacturer of Wine and Champagne by the Glass Preservation and Service Systems for Professionals.

Our products are designed primarily for Professionals of Cafe, Hotels, Restaurants, but also Wine Bar, Pub, Cabaret, Night Club, Brewery, Casino, Corporate Restaurant and fast food, or winery.

made-in-franceWith TechnoWine solutions:
puce Increase your Wine by the Glass menu
puce Taste all your wines, even your Grands Crus
puce Develop your turnover, expend your profitability
puce Showcase your bottles thanks to our systems layout: increase your customers willingness to taste Wine by the Glass
puce Always provide High Quality tasting, increase your conversion rate

Our various solutions give you the ability to preserve and chill opened bottles up to 21 days.

For still wines, we avoid premature aging: our systems prevent oxydation. Your wines keep their quality, their aroma and their oenological properties.

For your sparkling wines and Champagne, keep all their “vibrations” : our solutions preserve your wine bubbles.

TechnoWine equipements range guarantees an optimum service quality, asociated with innovative technology.

Discover TechnoWine equipements:
Wine by the Glass Dispenser, for high quality service with manual or controlled dosing
Opened Bottles Preservation,  for unlimited bottles
Wine Cooler and Maturing, for your Wine and Champagne bottles

New version of the RFID “self service” wine dispenser, available quarter 1, 2017. Your customers can buy prepaid cards and help themselves 24/7.

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